The World of Kaldori

The world of Kaldori is a world loaded with adventure, war, politics, history, and mystery. Take your party of adventurers on a quest through the realms of the world, slaying dragons, goblins, bandits, and many other horrible creatures. Or they could spend their time relaxing in a quiet tavern, strolling around the many villages, cities, and towns; or talking to many of the inhabitants of the world. Slay kings, get in bar fights, insult kobolds, bring down the rising Thrulian Empire - or join it. Do what you want; the world is there, you just need to explore it.

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The World Map

Kaldori has four primary ‘realms’, or continents. Kiathera, Sco’iel, Teria, and Veanitra. Each realm is huge in size and has enough content to be able to last a campaign on its own; however, that doesn’t mean players can’t travel the entire world at will. Some realms have darker histories than others, and some realms are more magical or mystical. Some are war-torn, and others arcane, leaving the setting viable for players and game masters of many different genres. Mixing three fantastic versions of fantasy: High Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, Kaldori brings some incredible twists to the classic fantasy settings you know.

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The Realm of Kiathera

The Realm of Kiathera is known mostly for its forests, jungles, and the warmongering empires it contains. A battle is not uncommon for those who live in this Realm, which is home to the creation of the orcrain (orcs). Apart from the desert which leads into The Realm of Teria, it’s a very green, luscious Realm, with beautiful mountain ranges and turquoise lakes. However, you’d be mistaken to think it was all beauty. The Thrulian Wasteland to the North of the mainland is a land intoxicated with magical radiation, leaving the lands dead and its creatures changed, neither for the better nor worse.

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The Realm of Veanitra

The Realm of Veanitra possesses the ability to astound all who venture through its tropical islands, vibrant land and clear blue seas. Mostly filled with water, this realm is the home of many unknown creatures still yet to be discovered, hidden in the depths and darkness. Many sunken ships can be found here too. Pirates roam the waters, pillaging merchant convoys and unsuspecting fishermen for loot, more often than not leaving their victims to the mercy of the monsters of the sea.

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The Realm of Sco’iel

The Realm of Sco’iel is an alluring realm fabled for its snow, stunning mountain ranges, and blood-red grass; tinted by the ichor of gods. Many races are believed to have originated here, most significantly the elves of whom the realm is named by. It’s the most extraordinary of all the realms, however, that doesn’t mean it has no scars, and has seen no bloodshed.

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The Realm of Teria

The Realm of Teria is a sand-strewn environment with pure, boiling, dark blue water. Bandits are a common sight here, venturing between the cities and villages, looting as they go. A quest for their demise is a common site, but almost never fulfilled. An ongoing war between two nations that inhabit the realm ravages the desert lands, leaving common folk requiring heavy protection in everyday life, merely to survive through their meaningless lives.