The Kaldori Project Kickstarter Update

Thanks to any of you who have pledged so far!

We had a successful first day, making 21% of our goal in the first 24 hours! And now, we’re resting on 38%. Let’s try to push it to 50% before the 22 of this month (July)!

In celebration of the Kickstarter's release, we are running a competition over on our Discord for a custom set of Character Portraits! All you need to do is write a short description of each of the characters! You can still enter the previous competition too, which is to create a 1dx Roll Table for generating whatever you'd like it to! The prize for that competition is having the roll table featured in Kaldori: The Second Age (credited to you), and a single, custom Character Portrait!

We also now have a press kit. If you’re a journalist, blogger, streamer, youtuber or just want to share the Kickstarter info an imagery around, then you ought to get this!

We have added another pledge level to the Kickstarter

Be a Character in Kaldori!

That's right, you can now be one of the many NPC's in the world of Kaldori!
The 'Be an NPC!' pledge level is limited, with only eight available. It's also only available until the 22 of July, so if you want to be a character in Kaldori, you might want to get in quick!
The rewards at this level include everything available in the Ultimate Game Master's Pack:

  • Kaldori: The Second Age Game Master's Handbook Digital Edition

  • Kaldori: The Second Age Player's Handbook Digital Edition

  • Your name in the Game Master's Handbook's "Thank you" section.

  • All Stretch Goals

  • Full size Kaldori Maps (Digital).

  • And you as one of the many NPC's!

Kickstarter Link

Backer as a Character.png

An example!

For reference of what to expect, here is our fantastic voice actor Robert, as the smuggler Artello.

backer stat block.png