Kaldori: The Second Age, Kickstarter Now Live!

Hoo boy! This has been a ride and a half. Three years, to be exact.

Well, here we are. The Kickstarter page is now live, and all we can really do is wait, shiver, and watch as the number of pledges rise.

To quote the beginning of the Kickstarter page:

The sandbox features over 35 cities, towns, and villages; 8 new classes; 20+ new monsters; a bunch of new weapons, armours, and trinkets; 100+ side-quests; a set of new systems for character creation and gameplay; and an optional, main quest line. Whew!
From seasoned veterans to those new to tabletop role-playing, this project is for everyone. Kaldori: The Second Age's resources contain comprehensive detail about all its systems, allowing players and game masters to enjoy this brand new sandbox experience with confidence.

Click the image below to be taken to the Kickstarter page!

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