Banners: The Nations of Kaldori

There are sixteen nations that reside in Kaldori, each with their own unique cities, towns, villages, fortresses and land. Each nation has a banner, and each banner provides clues into what the principles of that nation are, using their iconography, text and patterns.

Before reading ahead, attempt to analyse each of the banners shown and take a guess as to what the principles and ideologies of that nation are.

From left to right: Timélian Empire, Thrulian Empire, Province of Siellia, Kingdom of Fiendal, Dens of Aristele.

From left to right: Timélian Empire, Thrulian Empire, Province of Siellia, Kingdom of Fiendal, Dens of Aristele.

The Timélian Empire was born from the ashes of the Vakrin Empire, an empire ruled by Vampires. They’re a particularly religious and powerful nation with a lot of belief in their ability to win wars and conquer lands. It may be hard to read, but the scripture repeated on the banner reads: “We are Sco’iellian, we are warriors, we are conquerors, we are the Timélian Empire. We will battle with honour, conquer with fury, and defeat those who stand in our way. May Lazereth guide our blades to the heart of our foes, and Kranon guide us from the darkness. May the beasts of the night fear us, and the Vampires of the past kneel in defeat.”

The Thrulian Empire is a particularly secretive nation that is rising power. It was formed and is ruled by a powerful sorcerer, who enlists cutthroats and hired blades into his ranks. For this reason, most of the populace of the nation is made up of bandits, thieves and assassins.

The Province of Siellia is a nation ruled by the Council of Three; a mage, sorceress, and a warlock. It’s mostly made up of magic folk and is where the schools of magic can be found. It’s also where the Cards of Fangor, an incredibly powerful magic item, were created and inevitably lost.

The Kingdom of Cleos is a warmongering nation with a slightly misleading banner. The language written on the flag is an ancient tongue of Kaldori named Thalrine, the scripture (Wär̃ut arkr̃un concäsit) translates to “We will conquer”, however, the Kingdom of Cleos is a tiny kingdom that was once an empire, but the Second Age began with their downfall. The white horses are a literal representation, as Cleosian warriors ride two-headed white horses.

The Kingdom of Fiendal is a mining kingdom that focuses on mining iron and copper, hence the alchemy symbols represented on the flag. The most significant relic of the Kingdom of Fiendal is not, however, a pickaxe, but instead, an enchanted warhammer (or maul) named Arkon.

The Dens of Aristele are a small, tribe-based nation. Although they are tribal and in touch with the nature that surrounds them, they have an eye for decoration and flair, in some cases sadistically. The giant spiders are a symbol of the land they call home and are the creatures that they extract their deadly venom from. The elves in the den are immune to the poison and have adapted over time, eventually forming small sacs in their gums which they can use to inject venom into, and disperse through their canines.

Although there are only sixteen nations, there are many more factions, guilds, leagues and syndicates which the players can join. Just like each nation has its own cities towns and villages, each faction has its individual locations of interest, which also means more quests, more lore, and more unique NPC’s, monsters and items.

Just like the nations, each of these factions will have their own banners or symbols. We decided it was essential to have all these created and drawn for the player and DM to allow fluid storytelling and to give a more clear image of the game at hand, as well as a way to hide puzzles, clues and other things within the imagery which can be weaved into the quests and gameplay.

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