The World, Genre, and Themes

The World is packed full of adventure, war, politics, history, and mystery. There are wars, peace, and betrayals left-and-right, all of which change naturally with time. But there's much darkness to it too. Two Greater Gods, the creators of everything, rule over the world. The children of the Greater God Kranon (Kranon is seen on the Kaldori cover art): Death, Fate and the six "Seers"; are beings that govern what happens, though in despise of each other. Greater Demons lurk in the darkness, ‘cousins’ of the Greater Gods. They meddle with the world, occasionally living among the common folk and causing havoc. Black powder weaponry (more often than not mixed with magic) and steam-power are also common throughout many parts of the world, as is the clothing that comes with other gaslamp elements that blend seamlessly with the classic medieval, high fantasy genre.

Dragons, though they exist, are rare; and other monsters and beasts are even more common than people, with vampires even having once ruled over an empire. Pirates, bandits, mercenaries, epic armies and small ones; barbaric tribes, cults, religions, adventurers, monster communities, great dungeons, forgotten cities, and incredible landscapes all exist in the world, like many common high fantasy settings, but things become more interesting as you look into the finer details. Vampires are many, once having ruled over the Realm of Sco’iel. A cult of sand bandits has unlocked the magic that allows them to die and spawn again at their temple, leaving behind a mirror-image corpse. The Realm of Sco’iel is tinted crimson with the blood of dead Greater Gods, and a barbarian tribe is drawn crazed by blood magic. Sentient and sometimes magically controlled stone golems wander the realms, some even partaking in adventures, or joining sports teams. That’s right, sports teams.

The world is full of many mysteries and narrative uniqueness. There’s always something to do; a place to go and characters to meet.

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The Genre is a mixture of high fantasy, gaslamp fantasy, and dark fantasy. Instead of playing on the theme of being good or evil, it looks at the morally grey, which is where a few of the sandbox elements come into play. It does an excellent job of sticking a lot of fantastic elements; such as horror, mystery, epic warfare, and high adventure, under one roof. However, this is only part of what separates this setting from those already out there.

The Themes are many, and some tackle mature issues present in the modern day, such as abuse, racism, and sexuality, but all on a fantasy scale. We don’t shy away from controversial topics, but we also don’t decide the outcomes of those situations for you. The game is a sandbox, so the results of those mature themes are up to the player’s actions. If the Game Master’s players are on the younger side, however, there are also quests that they will enjoy too, that deal with themes such as love, friendship, and family (though knowing some children, they’d want the world to burn either way…which they can totally do too, but not without consequence). Nothing in the world is compulsory; it’s all based on player choice. The quests run on a system that allows for multiple different outcomes depending on what the player/s choose to do, which can have major or minor consequences later. There's also a bit of classic stuff like swashbuckling adventures, which can be found in different parts of the world - as it is a full *world*. There's much diversity when it comes to the themes, which is why they can be pretty hard to nail down in comparison to your usual campaign module.

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