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Time to write about myself and see where it leads us. This is weird.

Spawned in Middle Earth (New Zealand) itself, I am, decidedly, a creator.
”What is a creator?” you ask? Someone with aspirations. You could be an illustrator, a plumber, an author, a surgeon, or a musician. No matter how you feel about art, you are a creator. So am I.

When I was a kid, I had dreams of being an actor, which quickly turned into being a director; and then a writer; and then a prop and set artist. I’m someone who loves to create things on grand scales, in all forms of media. This love to create things leaves me with so many ideas, but usually, nothing to feed them into - which is where "Kaldori" comes into play, my passion project and creative outlet. I can write, draw, design, and problem-solve all within this single project. Kaldori sustains my mind in ways that most other things cannot.

I have spent my life surrounded by video games, comics, tabletop games, card games and movies. It’s no surprise I turned out to be geeky and creative either, due to my three older brothers who are all exceptional artists in their own right, and my parents that are both secretly very talented designers.

I’ve had a love for fantasy for as long as I can remember; which is hard to escape when you come from the home of the “Lord of the Rings” films and Jango Fett. However, much of my passion was encouraged while growing up with my brothers, who were all avid fans too. I have fond memories with them of drawing and writing comics about warriors, dragons and mystical sorcerers, as well as the memory of being gifted a “Create a Fantasy World” handbook as a child for Christmas, written and drawn by my eldest brother Sean.

I wake up often in the middle of the night with ideas bursting from my crazed brain, usually twisted by the events of the last couple of weeks, which is generally where a lot of my inspiration for Kaldori came from. For instance, the idea for the Thrulian Wasteland came to me in the middle of the night after having spent the previous day playing Fallout 4, and my visualization for the wood elves comes from New Zealand culture. It all makes me incredibly excited, and just thinking and talking about the project makes me geek-out, more often than not leading me to rave on about it for a few minutes before realising the person conversing with me is clueless about Dungeons and Dragons.

For the past year (or three), I have spent my spare time writing lore about an incredibly large and dense fantasy world; creating characters, designing systems and making artworks that fit it. I’ve made castle loads of battle maps too (you can see some of these in the Store), and even cards to make playing 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons more intuitive and quicker (which are a work in progress, but it's possible you'll see them in The Kaldori Project Kickstarter).

Where do I want this to go? What’s the point? Well…

In the future, I’m hoping I can expand upon what I’ve done here. As much as I’d like The Kaldori Project to be a massive success, the stakes are too vague to make a judgement on what the future holds. I’d love to get the books printed, as well as the maps and the cards, maybe even endorsed by Wizards of the Coast themselves, but I’m unsure as to how things are going to pan out. At this stage, I already have ideas for a novel series and an anthology series of short stories set within the world of Kaldori (Which are a stretch goal! Yet to be officially announced though), not to mention the Sci-Fi RPG I’m looking into doing. However, for now, I believe it’s best we only focus on the Game Master’s Handbook and the Player’s Handbook for “Kaldori: The Second Age”. If that’s a success, then it’ll be the prime time to look into what the future holds for us.

(My brother Sean has his own website and comics filled with awesome, stylized art, which you can check out here)

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