Places of Interest: A few key landmarks in our World

Just six of many (40+) places of interest in our world. These texts are excerpts from Kaldori: The Second Age

Lake Zalus.jpg

Lake Zalus in the Realm of Sco’iel is a dangerous place, not for the faint-hearted or the typical adventurer. It hides dangers that most wouldn't willingly seek out, and threats that are seemingly more myth than legend. Its water is crystal blue but has algae as cloudy as the Thrulian sky. People won't dare swim or fish in it, nor collect water from the shallows. The folk of Filgray won't risk even drinking from the rivers that stretch into the adjacent woods, with the fear of terrifying curses befalling them.

A ridge of yellow sand surrounds the mass of water, and in the peak temperatures of the Skrael season, it becomes near impossible to walk on. A few rotting, broken wharves litter the lake edge, reminders of a time when the water was clear and the creatures were dormant.

Savin Jungle.jpg

The Savin Jungle in the Realm of Veanitra is full of creatures and beasts that are unique to the area, including the elusive Karp biter and Cyphen cat. Many of the creatures of Savin are amphibians and will often disappear into the rivers and make their way into the Maegron Sea, only journeying back to the jungle when necessary, or when the climate becomes too cold.

The jungle trees stretch tall, and their branches are slender, but they form a canopy of green growth above; blocking the majority of the bright sunlight which reflects green light through the thin leaves. The undergrowth is thick, and much of it is full of broken branches and twigs due to the heavy beasts and apathetic bandits that trample and trawl through the jungle, hunting prey or searching for lost treasures.

The dense, tropical forest has a dark secret, however; its scrawny trees and thick roots have been rumored to restrain travelers unto their death. It's not uncommon for the odd withering skeleton to be seen wrapped by vines against the trunk of a tree or large piece of vegetation.

Badlands of Vaeil.jpg

The Badlands of Vaeil in the South of the Realm of Sco’iel are said to be part of the first piece of the world sculpted by the Greater God Kranon; and its age shows.

The badlands are a haven for sand bandits, a more dangerous villain than what you would find ravaging a lowly village. They wrap their faces in bandages and are immune to the heat of the badlands, with some locals believing they partake in magical rituals to mutate their abilities. Among these mutants, however, are the tunneling beasts of Vaeil. These creatures can move lightning fast, digging underneath the ground and snatching up their prey. Some are said to be tamed by the bandits.

The sand is coarse and dense, unlike the sand of the Realm of Teria, and the soil is rich with clay. It’s used in the city Vanriss to build much of its structures, as with the right mixture of materials and magic, it can become stronger than your average stone, making Vanriss one of the hardest cities to besiege.

Cacti grow from the skeletons of creatures thousands of years old, which are littered all throughout the badlands. Many believe that the gods used this land as the testing ground for their new creations and that the demons used it to birth their monsters.

Timelian Plains.jpg

The Timélian Plains in the Realm of Sco'iel are gorgeous, but dangerous at the best of times. Home to the beautiful city of Illris, the plains are full of bandits, thieves, and a morose amount of undead.

Having been a frequent battleground in the First Age, the Timélian Plains find themselves ridden with necrotic creatures when the suns fall and the moon rises. Ghosts, skeletons, zombies, and wights are just some of the dead that comes to life in the dark of the night, with vampires even being a common sight in the plains, having once ruled over the city of Illris themselves at the height of the Vakrin Empire.

The mountains in the distance seem to watch over the plains, and the clusters of trees give the occasional space for cover and shade. Dirt roads wind around the plains, leading into the city and the many forests that surround the area.

You'd be remiss not to acknowledge the beauty of the plains, however, as its blood-cursed grass and vegetation has a divine appearance, even when you can see the steel of a bandits blade lashing towards you; a perfect place to die.

Graveyard of Giants.jpg

The Graveyard of Giants in the Realm of Veanitra is a vista almost as old as Vaeil. The ginormous bones and weapons of giants litter the land; ones that would form creatures the size of the tallest mountains.

These lands aren’t cursed or even particularly dangerous, but they are home to many legends and unsolved mysteries. Such as the legend of Kath “The Destroyer” Amali, a barbarian woman who is believed to have single-handedly killed the last giant. Most people brush away the legends as myths, mostly due to their lack of proof, but some would find otherwise if they ventured into the more intriguing parts of the graveyard.

The Graveyard is often a marking point for travellers that are on their way to; or out of, the Bay of Pirates. However, some are known to wander into the graveyard, and never wander out. It’s not uncommon for people to disappear without a trace; to the surprise of their friends or family, and sometimes they even show up, years later, without a single memory of what happened to them in the graveyard. A vista, for sure, but not without eerie features.

Thrulian Wasteland.jpg

The Thrulian Wasteland in the Realm of Kiathera; the home of the orc Horde of Kregor, and the infamous taint of magic. The Battle of the False Gods destroyed this land and left it a carcass of what it once was. It's a cursed land; cursed with death, disease and all sorts of terrible creatures and mutants. The grass grew back after the battle, but a dead, burnt grey color. As did some of the trees, but many are left leafless and withering like skeletons, and some are mutated in similar ways to the beasts, protruding from the soft dirt.

The orcs here manage to survive well enough, preying on the creatures and small mutated animals around. They've created a sort of town using a mixture of tents and the slowly decaying trunks of dead trees, including an arena that they hold competitions and duels in, which is more or less a walled pit.

The Vam’niar Canyon, however, is the one place even the orcs won't venture near, but is said to contain the best treasure in the entirety of Kiathera. Eldo Kruin of the Dens of Aristele, states that much of the battle took place around the ravine, and even above it. Many heroes of the First Age fell in the Battle of the Old Ones, but most died on the ravine edge, leaving behind their legendary gear.

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