Jared Lewis

As the creator of the world Kaldori, Jared (Pockets/Jay) is the most involved developer. He writes most of the words you’ll read, and creates most of the artwork and designs you will see.

Jared, a longtime fan of Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer, loves to create worlds that are rich with history, and tell stories full of adventure.

Emily Hammond

A fantastic writer and full of crazy ideas, Emily helps flesh out certain places in the world and also writes a few of the quests.

Lover of Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and Doctor Who, you can be sure to expect some ridiculous magical stories.

Jamie McDonald

First a supporter of Jared’s work, Jamie quickly became very involved, and is now a quest writer for the project.

A longtime Dungeon Master and Player of Dungeons & Dragons, not to mention a fantastic storyteller, Jamie not only writes quests, but also makes sure the project is readable and the classes are well tested.